Waste to Energy


Waste to Energy Sector

Types of Projects Considered for Financing / Term Loan
  • Biogas generation, purification and bottling project based on cow dung, press mud, poultry litter or other organic material
  • Power generation from biogas based on cow dung, press mud, poultry litter or other organic material
  • Power generation based on biomass gasification
  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) based Power Generation
  • Manufacturing of Biomass Pellets / Briquettes/Torrefied Pellets/ Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF)

Major Industrial Sectors Covered

  1. Pulp and paper mills
  2. Poultry farms
  3. Dairy farms
  4. Sugar mills
  5. Distillery
  6. Food processing plants
  7. Juice and jam processing plant
  8. Waste Management & Disposal
  9. Power Plant
Incentives available in the sector

May please refer to IREDA Financing Norms & Schemes
Further, the details related of Government support/incentives/policy if any, may be obtained from MNRE website.

Procurement Procedure
The borrower is required to follow the established market practices for procurement and shall demonstrate that the quality goods and services are being purchased at reasonable and competitive prices. Wherever the loan is sanctioned against international lines of credit such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, kfW, etc., the relevant procedures will have to be followed and requisite documents will have to be submitted by the borrower.
List of Approval Required

  1. Approval from local administrative authority for setting up the project
  2. Approval of state Nodal agency for setting up the project
  3. Change of land Use (CLU) from concerned authority
  4. NOC from State Pollution Control Board
  5. Approval for storage and sale of biogas in cylinders, if applicable
  6. PPA for sale of power, if applicable
  7. NOC from fire department
  8. Approval from town planning
List of officers Name in sector- Waste to Energy
Sl. No. Name Designation Email Id Mobile No.
1 Rajeev Kumar Additional General Manager rajeevkumar@ireda.in 9718953007
3 Om Prakash Manager omprakash@ireda.in 9650595664
4 Shaleen Bhola Deputy Manager shaleen@ireda.in 9891899079
5 Dwijesh Kumar Singh Manager dwijesh@ireda.in 9871797383
6 Aditi Das Assistant Manager aditi@ireda.in 7358281919
Last Updated on 05/09/2023