Wind Energy



The use of wind as a renewable energy involves the conversion of power contained in masses of moving air into rotating shaft power. The conversion process utilises aerodynamic forces (lift and/or drag) to produce a net positive turning moment on a shaft, resulting in the production of mechanical power which can be converted to electrical power.

The amount of wind power (P) harnessable at a particular site can be expressed as,

P=½ρAV³Cp Watts where

P = The density of air, kg/m3.
V = The wind speed in m/s.
A = Swept area of the blades through which the wind blows, in m2.
Cp = Efficiency of conversion

The wind speed therefore plays a vital role for energy generation as there is a non- liner (cubic) relationship between wind speed and available power.

The energy content in wind at different region varies with latitude, land - sea disposition, altitude and season. In India the factor which mostly governs the availability of wind energy at a particular site is its geographical location with respect to the monsoon wind. The availability of data on wind speed being a basic requirement for determining the feasiblity of wind power generation at any site and due to the highly uneven distribution of wind speed over the country, an assesment of the wind resource over different regions was undertaken before any plans of harnessing the wind energy were drawn for implementation.

Schemes Applicable

Term Loan for wind energy projects:
Interest Rate- as notified and revised from time to time
Repayment Period- upto 15 years
Debt-Equity Ratio- Upto 75:25
Also, separate scheme on Bridge loan against GBI for wind energy projects

Incentives Available in the Sector

Central Incentives

A. Provision of Central level Indirect Taxes, Sales Tax and Excise Duty benefits as applicable.

B. Direct Tax benefits

  1. 80% Accelerated Depreciation on specified Non-conventional Renewable Energy devices/systems (including wind power equipment) in the first year of installation of the projects.
  2. Tax Holiday on Power Projects.

C. Generation Based Incentive being offered by MNRE:

  1. Refer IREDA's operational guidelines on GBI as available under Generation Based Incentive (GBI) Archives – Wind.

Note: The above information is indicative only and is subject to change, if any in accordance with the changes in respective schemes by the concerned authorities. Borrowers are advised to independently verify the authenticity of the above information.

Procurement Requirements

The borrower is required to follow the established market practices for procurement and shall demonstrate that the procurement procedures adopted by them are appropriate to the circumstances and that the quality goods, services and works are purchased at reasonable and competitive prices. The borrower shall provide all such information and documents reasonably required in connection with the procurement of any goods, services and works to be financed by IREDA. Wherever the loan is sanctioned against international lines of credit such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, kfW, etc., the relevant procedures will have to be followed and requisite documents will have to be submitted by the borrower.

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