Wind GBI / AD

Wind GBI / AD

MNRE Scheme for Implementation of Generation Based Incentives (GBI) for Grid Interactive Wind Power Projects  
Type of Contents Updated Date
Online Application for GBI/AD Scheme for Wind (2009-2012)

New Notification for all Wind GBI-I claimants :
'All Claimants under Wind GBI-I scheme are hereby intimated that the GBI period under the scheme is upto 31.03.2022 and therefore, the Claimant may submit the eligible GBI claims online by 30.06.2022. It may be noted that from 1st  July 2022, the portal will get automatically deactivated to receive any claims and no claim in whatsoever form will be accepted.'
Online Application for Registration of GBI/AD and claim of GBI (2012-2017) (New Notification)

Notification to Wind GBI claimants on migration of existing portal to new ERP.
The new portal is under data migration.  IREDA will update the date of Go-live shortly

“Notification to Wind GBI claimants on migration of existing portal to new ERP

 All the Wind GBI claimants are hereby informed that the existing Wind GBI portal shall be under migration and claims may be submitted at this portal upto 31.03.2023 2400 Hrs. New ERP is likely to Go-Live from 10th April, 2023. Post 31.03.2023 2400 Hrs. the existing portal will be permanently deactivated for uploading the claims and all the claimants would mandatorily be required to upload the claim documents in the New portal. 
 IREDA will update the date of launch of the new portal shortly.”

  Notification (updated as on 18.03.2023)
 Methodology to calculate GBI for the Wind power projects installed in Rajasthan under Wind GBI Scheme
 As per the directions of MNRE dt 09.03.2023, the methodology to calculate eligible amount of GBI for the wind power projects installed in Rajasthan under Wind GBI Scheme, as under:
         i) Calculation of GBI without considering losses;
      ii) Consideration of JMR whichever (either at licensee's' premises or at pooling substation (project premises) as submitted by the developer;
      iii) Reconcile and adjust amount released in previous claims as per JMR, without considering losses.
Accordingly IREDA shall be adjusting the amount earlier released in the projects of Rajasthan against transmission loss in the next release. 
 All the claimants are requested to note the above methodology during future claim submission and submit JMR either at licensee's' premises or at pooling substation (project premises) since beginning of GBI claim.

 Notification : All Claimants are hereby requested to mandatorily submit OEM certificate, as per prescribed format in the Guidelines, where partial project shall complete 10 years of commissioning, for assessing generation units corresponding to remaining turbine/balance GBI. For details, please refer Annexure-Band Annexure-C of the Guidelines.
Contact persons Name for Wind GBI claims
 Sl. No. Name Designation Email ID Contact No.
Anu Pandhi
(Solar and Wind GBI)
Senior Manager anupandhi@ireda.in 9871692962





Operational Guidelines for Wind GBI and AD May 26, 2010

IREDA new financing scheme towards “Bridge loan against GBI Claims Payable to Renewable Energy Developers under MNRE Scheme for Generation Based Incentive (GBI) for grid interactive Wind and Solar power projects”. Click here for details

Bridge Loan Sanctioned against Wind GBI Claims Status as on 27/06/2016

Bridge Loan Disbursed to wind GBI Claimants against their respective sanctions Status as on 27/06/2016

Operational Guidelines for Wind GBI Extension Scheme (2012-2017)

Operational Guidelines for Implementation of Registration under (“Accelerated Depreciation Scheme for Wind Power Projects” applicable since 01.04.2014)

Clarification for the GBI Application under Extension Wind GBI Scheme announced by MNRE

Guidlines for submission and processing of GBI cliams (GBI I & II Scheme) - Revised as on 22-11-2018

Online intimation for GBI payments through E-mail/SMS

Wind GBI / AD

Notification for all Wind GBI Claimants(date 03-June-2016)

Notification for all Wind GBI Claimants (date 16-March-2017)

Notification for all Wind GBI Claimants (date 07-Dec-2017)

  1. Notification 1
  2. Notification 2

Notification for all Wind GBI Claimants (date 06-July-2018)

Status of Funds received and Released under WIND GBI Schemes(As on 31.03.2023)
Schemes Receipt of Funds from MNRE Fund Disbursed to Project Developers
Amount (Rs.Cr.) Amount (Rs. Cr.)
GBI- I 8772.77 1110.5
GBI- II 7482.25
Demo 30.05 30.05
GBI Registration Status
Schemes Period of scheme Capacity Registered (MW)
GBI- II 01.04.2012 - 31.03.2017 11593.5
GBI- I 17.12.2009 - 31.03.2012 2031.38
Demo Scheme limited to first 49 MW registered 48.9
Last Updated on 15/05/2023