Access to Energy

Objective of KfW’s Access to Energy Scheme

The main objective of the Scheme is to increase the supply and use of sustainable clean energy services in rural areas through improved access to financing for project developers.

Sectors Eligible for the Assistance under the Scheme:

All techno-commercially viable RE projects.

Project should be implemented in areas where electricity provided through national grid is less than 2 hours (on an average) during peak hours (5 pm to 11 pm).

Repayment Period & Interest Rates:

The repayment period shall be maximum of 7 years, depending on the project cash flows & DSCR of the project and it shall be after the implementation & grace period. The moratorium period shall be 3 months to 9 months from the date for COD of the project. Interest rate varies from 9.75% to 11.50% based on the repayment period as follows:

Sr. No. Loan Tenure Rate of Interest


Upto 2 Years



More than 2 Years and upto 4 Years



More than 4 years and upto 7 Years


Special Benefits under the Scheme:
  • Milestone based Incentive equivalent to 5% of the loan amount. The amount will be passed on to the sub-borrower on achieving 90% physical progress / 80% of projected households reached as may be applicable. (The Company is getting the projects refinanced for already commissioned plants, hence the milestone is available to the Company at the sanction stage intself)

  • Debt Service Reserve Money (DSRM) – support from KfW,

if the sub loan will never be in payment default for more than 90 days during the tenure of the loan and if the borrower has achieved operational service delivery as agreed with IREDA, the DSRM shall become a grant to the borrower at the end of the tenure. It will be offset against the final debt obligations of the borrower.

List of officers Name in sector- Access to Energy
Sl. No. Name Designation Email Id Mobile No.
1 Abhik Deb Barma Senior Manager abhik[at]ireda[dot]in 9650595663
3 Om Prakash Manager omprakash[at]ireda[dot]in 9650595664
4 Sanchit Singhal Manager sanchitsinghal[at]ireda[dot]in 8806012674
5 Pradeep Deswal Manager pradeepdeswal[at]ireda[dot]in 9873627789
Last Updated on 12/05/2021